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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving ReCap!

We traveled to Mimi and Papa's and Pop-Pop and Memaw's for Thanksgiving this year. After the SEVEN hour drive on Wednesday - during which no one napped and there was miles of unexplained traffic! - we arrived to enjoy a few nights of good sleep, lots of yummy food, and hours of fun with family!

We went to Papa and Mimi's first...they are 40 minutes closer and we didn't want to drive another second! Then we headed to Pop-Pop and Memaw's for Thanksgiving, cousins, Wii, and lots of Miss Wiggles' cuddles! Thanks to a built-in sitter Friday morning, Daddy and I headed out to the stores at 4:30am and found a few great deals (saving for a later post!). Family pictures with the cousins followed and then lunch with Pop-Pop (Memaw had to work :( ).

Can you guess where we ate?

Then we headed back to Mimi and Papa's for a hockey game! Both Tater and Bruiser had been before but Bruiser was too little to remember. He LOVED it...and Tater loved it until the treats ran out!

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday with Papa and Mimi and the aunts and uncles...after Papa took the two older ones to the grocery store by himself! and Mimi and Mommy did some more shopping.
Today we headed back home...only six and half hours this time!

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