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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I Learned This Week

The theme for this week is illness...particularly of the H1N1-type!

I have learned...

...when your child struggles to breathe, you head directly to the emergency room and stare intently at the machine that tells you your child's oxygen levels...and prayer for numbers in the high 90s, not the 80s!

...when you walk into said ER with your own mask and share that your child is immuno-suppressed, you get to bypass the 6 hour waiting room wait!

...but be prepared to withstand the glares and dirty looks from all the parents who can't skip the wait.

...Motrin and breathing treatments can make a sick kid feel MUCH better! is possible to be awake enough at 1:00am to drive from pharmacy to pharmacy in search of Tamaflu...and you are so thankful that you live in an urban area that has lots of 24-hour pharmacies!

...people will take two steps back when you share that your child has been diagnosed with H1N1. is really hard to be the parent that goes to work when your sick little ones stay home with the other parent. I was definitely not at 100% today. was super-sweet and sad at the same time to hear Tater say that she had fun going to the hospital because she got Mommy all to herself.

...there is nothing scarier than a child who can't breathe right and not knowing which direction their health is going...and then having to wait if we relapse and get worse.

...even when they are sick, there is nothing better than having a little one to cuddle all night...and that's where I'm heading right now!


  1. You are so right about those cuddles. Poor little thing. Hope she is better soon.

  2. Oh so scary when they can't breathe well!!!!! I'm glad she is feeling better now.

  3. Oh wow, very scary! What a horrible night for all of you!

    Wishing you all health!