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Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Is Where the Heart Is - Christmas!

I love Christmas! I love that cozy feeling, I love the traditions, I love the sweets, and I love decorating! Here are few snapshots inside the house. I really enjoyed decorating this year because I was able to take my time and, since we've been living here for a few year, I now know what works and what doesn't.

Mimi passed along Nana's handmade stockings this year and they look great in the living room!
A new creation - with a monogrammed "S". What do you think?

Dining room table - that is usually just for storage!

Top of the china cabinet - one of my favorites!

My 99 cent poinsettia in an antique bowl

Christmas lights in a jar - so simple, so cute!
Oops! Forgot the Hershey kisses for the advent calendar! Note to self - ask Daddy to stop on his way home is December 1st!

Going up the stairs!

Don't you just love this basket? It's from the 1600's (according to Mimi!) and so neat...still thinking about where to use it

And I know this isn't Christmas but Tater made the apple at school and I framed it and just love how it looks!

One of my favorites that I snitched from Nana - not really! She shared!

The mantle

The tree minus decorations - maybe sometime this week!

Daddy thought it was funny that I even decorated the mud room/diaper changing room!

Powder room - I added the candle for lighting!


  1. Yeah! Christmas and pictures of your house! I'm not sure I am okay with how many times you have rearranged the furniture since I left!