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Saturday, November 14, 2009


It's been a slow week...I know, rare at this house! But that explains my lack of posts...I was sick (in bed...couldn't lift my head off the pillow...touch of our piggy friend?) on Thursday, spent Friday catching up, and was busy today with errands, chores, and projects. Anyway, here are a few random things...

Bruiser was expressing his "free spirit" of fashion tonight...check out the soccer jammie shirt, sagging diaper, and Tater's pink sherpa boots. Daddy was REALLY proud! (Oh, and he's standing on part of Miss Wiggles' crib...because we were moving things around...AGAIN!)

This is the really BIG news! Miss Wiggles discovered how to drink out of a cup! The other two were completely off bottles by their first birthdays...a feat I am very proud of...and I think it is justified as we do struggle with a few other issues! Now, Miss Wiggles LOVES her bottles. She refused to even touch the cup...until tonight! And she is so proud of herself!

This picture is for my two siblings who have yet to have children. This is my basement...where I spent my day off on Wednesday...organizing. These are bins of clothes that my children have outgrown...three rows deep! I have girls (birth to size 6) and boys (birth to size 3) and all the stuff that you think you need (car seats, strollers, bouncers, bathtubs, etc.)...all waiting for you to make me an auntie...and get it out of my house! Just a thought!

And this is the Craig's List pile that no one is interested in ... I think it might be heading to charity this week...I can't stand the clutter!

And, finally, this is where my creative side stepped in today. This was old and white and beat up from being in our bathroom. Now it's chocolate brown and yummy, and a great place to store little toys and stuff in the living room. It's amazing what a bit of paint can do...because this was almost on the curb earlier today!

And speaking of my creative side, I'll have to share a bit in the near future about my neighbor and I and these creative kicks we get on! We've been making our girls' hair bows for the past year (you know, the curly-Q ones like Gymboree?) and now we've ventured into beaded bracelets...and I think we are decent, if I may say so myself!
Well, on that note, enjoy the rest of your weekend...we are planning to!

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