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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I Learned This Week

We spend a lot of our time figuring out what our children are saying! So for my What I Learned This Week, I'm taking a clue from girlymama and write a decoding dictionary of sorts. I figured it would be helpful as we approach the holidays and more frequent visits with family!

Tater Speak:

"vitar" = guitar
"giguana" = iguana
"ard sale" = yard sale
"sire" = her nickname for Bruiser Boy

Bruiser Boy Speak:

"een" = Lightening McQueen
"Momas" = Thomas
"facts" = tracks
"suit" = soup
"fars" = cars
"pumpum" = pumpkin
"Sissy" = Tater
"ight" = light
"wind" = fan
"frash" = crash
"sool" = school
"fends" = friends
"I fi (long i!)" = I'm fine!
"fon" = down (that's a tough one that I don't always get!)
"I do!" = I can do it myself (and it must be screamed at top volume!)

Miss Wiggles' Speak:

"night, night" = bedtime!
"ma, ma" = more
"ahhhhhhhhh!" = pay attention to me!


  1. Great list.

    Of course now I wish I had done this when my 3 were wee!

  2. my favorite- "aahhhhhh"= pay attention to me! classic!

  3. Oh, kid talk is so so so sweet!