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Monday, November 30, 2009


As Daddy was carrying his new compound miter saw down the basements steps ($69.99 at 6 am on Black Friday...yes I was in Home Depot that early!), Bruiser told me:

"We need this - Daddy and me. We need this to build."


Driving home yesterday, Daddy insisted that I take a turn behind the wheel (although I didn't do it very willingly!). So he had to take over the job of "cruise director" and entertain the troops. He started writing words and letters on the MagnaDoodle and letting them yell what it was...yeah, not Mommy's kind of game! Then Daddy progressed to pictures. At one point he drew the outline of the United States and held it up for Tater. She got all excited and announced, "It's a cow!" Poor Daddy!

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