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Friday, September 4, 2009

Who's the Big Girl With the Big Girl Shoes?

Someone has decided to explore by foot these days...and those independent steps aren't that far off! So this weekend, Miss Wiggles was fitted for her first pair of walking shoes. One would think that in our house, we would have a pair of shoes that she could wear...but oh, no! Miss Wiggles has discovered fool-proof ways to guarantee that she doesn't have to survive on hand-me-downs! First she refused to drink from the hundreds of bottles that I already owned and struggled until I bought those expense and silly-looking Dr. Brown's. Now, she has decided to have long, narrow feet. No shoes fit her...none! Not even the Robeez...they slip right off! So off we went to buy the expense shoes that she'll only wear for 2 months...but they are so darn cute and she is so proud of them!

Love that smile!

1 comment:

  1. Is Miss Wiggles showing some skin in the first picture, or is that outfit a little too big?