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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Naptime ... House of Sprout Style!

I really don't understand why my children don't value the concept of nap time! I live for that time to recharge and make it through the rest of the day. They live to scream and fight sleep with every last ounce of their energy! In fact, Bruiser usually ends up passed out on the floor of his bedroom, after succumbing to the inevitable fatigue!

So today we had the usual battles. I probably made five or six trips up the steps to remind them (at first nicely, but then not so nicely towards the end!) that they needed to sleep during rest or they couldn't get up. I believe there were threats of losing Taggies and lovies...its a bit of a blur! You know...all those mindless threats you make as you desperately try to make them fall asleep so you can rest too...although Miss Wiggles wasn't napping so there was no real rest in my plans for the day!

I think it was on my second trip upstairs...when I ripped the wooden toy hammer out Bruiser's hand before he put an actual hole in the wall...that the EVENT happened. I removed the afore-mentioned hammer, changed his stinky diaper (#2 for the day, thank you very much!), when I heard Tater trying to open her door. She announced that she needed to use the bathroom, ran in, did her business, and headed back to her room. I pulled the door shut and proceeded to call Daddy to tell him that I hoped he didn't expect to come home to 3 children because someone might not make it through the day! While I was complaining to Daddy, Tater started calling my name again. I quickly told her to settle down and go to sleep but she persisted. "Mama, you forgot something!" I reassured her through the closed door that no, I didn't. "Yes, you did! It's a puppy! And it's real! It's Shadow!" That's all the door opening and closing, Shadow ended up in Tater's room!

Don't you hate it when your kids are smarted than you!

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