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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I Learned This Week

This week I'm re-joining Jo-Lynne's carnival!

I learned...

...its really hard to work, take care of three children, clean the house, cook real meals, do the laundry, and try to enjoy quality family time...and Daddy's really don't get it!'s the little things that matter to little one - like taking snack to preschool and bringing home a new Matchbox car!

...there is nothing better than enjoying a crisp fall day with your family and good group of friends!

...four-year-olds love to bake and create...

...and four-year-olds know how to lie! Oh, yes! Tater was "doing art" yesterday and cut her nightgown accidentally. Instead of telling me what really happened, she fabricated a story of Shadow biting her "really hard!" I quickly caught on when I realized Shadow wasn't even in the house during the event! I think Daddy and I are in for some really trouble in the years to come!

...babies grow up WAY too fast! And they think its okay to learn how to motor on two feet. And they know just how to upset their older siblings and sit back enjoy the screaming they create - which happened about five seconds after this picture was taken!'s so much fun to win a blog contest (Thanks, Muzbeecrazy!)

...boys can be potty trained...with the angle of bribery!

...parents of three toddlers need to have a really good sense of humor, unlike most of the world!

...children's excitement about going "up the hill to Papa's house" is contagious!

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  1. I believe her. That dog probably let himself out after biting.