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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Family Kind of Day

With a three-day weekend looming, back to school on the horizon, and looking back on a stress-filled summer of tough news and many good-byes, we decided to head out to the beach for the day. And we thought it would be fun and relaxing? HA!!!! Remember growing up and hearing your parents say "Why do we try to do anything nice for them?" We now understand completely! No one was happy at the beach...including Daddy. Then there was all the work it took to get there and back. Then, when everyone had a nice quiet ride home, and we decided to stop for ice cream to bring home, all Bruiser did was scream that he wanted "right now!". Then we get home, eat our ice cream, watch a DVD while Mommy goes food shopping, and everyone complains that the fresh, made from scratch meal (more on that in another post) isn't ready soon enough! But we (or should I say the children!) survived dinner and baths. Tater is watching a kid show, the other two are in bed, the laundry is going, the kitchen is waiting for clean-up #2, and I'm tired! That was our escape from reality...not so good, but right along our standards!

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