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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I Go Texas!"

If you have been following our little blog, you know that we have had the summer of all summers! Between illnesses, goodbyes, and general fiascoes that befall families with toddlers -- I'm surprised we survived!

One of our biggest transitions was losing our babysitter from last school year when she and her husband moved to Texas. We were very blessed to inherit our current sitter (from our minister who moved to Minnesota!) and couldn't be happier! The kids love Jane and are happy to see her every day. Tater actually asked me this morning "When is Jane getting here?" - with an exasperated voice!

So when Jane went to leave today, Bruiser ran to the door to say goodbye and point her in the direction of her "far" (aka "car")...just in case she forgot! Then he stood there for a moment, looking out the door, before he turned me with a very puzzled face. He said "Where Na-Na?" (aka "Dana" our previous sitter). I responded with "Buddy, she moved to Texas to her new house." His puzzled look cleared up and he immediately responded, "I go Texas!" If only it was that simple, Bruiser!

See, Dana, you are missed!

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