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Monday, September 21, 2009

In Honor of Fall (A Day Early!)

A rare family picture - that to our photographer, Robin!

A few quotes to make you giggles:

Last night, Bruiser got out of the tub and we were sorely lacking in the towel department. They were either in baskets waiting to be put away or still in the multiple piles of laundry in my laundry room (We miss you, Dana - in more ways than one!). So I grabbed the last towel I could find (knowing full-well that Tater and Bruiser were going to have to share it that night!), and called for Bruiser to get out of the tub. I quickly wrapped him the towel hoping Tater wouldn't see what I was using, but no such luck! As soon as Bruiser saw the towel, he quickly announced, "I a princess!" - starting the screaming from Tater and deflating Daddy's male ego.

Then this afternoon as we were driving to preschool, Tater was chattering away - like she always does from the way back of the mini-van where I can't hear half of what she says - about the show "Lazy Town." All of sudden I hear her loud and clear, "I want to get that grown-up stuff and change my hair to pink!" (FYI: The main character in "Lazy Town" has pink hair!)

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