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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to Boot Camp!

We always joked that when Tater went to visit it Mimi and Papa she was going to "Mimi Boot Camp" - because, you know, Mimi teaches preschool, has raised three children, knows how to get little ones to follow the rules, gives THE best hairy eyeballs!, etc. But over the course of several visits, we've come to discover, "Mimi Boot Camp" involves videos, kid shows, wearing jammies all day long, and snacking on Tasty Cakes...not exactly what we had pictured!

But "Boot Camp" has come to the House of Sprout! My little angels have had a bit too much freedom for my liking over the summer. The result has been a lot of not listening, a lot of screaming, and a lot of stress for me and Daddy. So, today it begins! The behavior charts are on the cabinet. The stickers are ready. The reward system is in place. And the nest part...eight hours into it's working! Tater loves doing the right thing and earning stickers. She loves being able to choose her own rewards. And Bruiser is tagging right along, as always. Now, we'll see how it progresses over the next week or so as the honeymoon comes to an end. But so far, so good!

And on another note ... Bruiser, who I thought was going to get married in diapers, has decided he is ready to use the potty! *insert screams of joy here!* He made the decision himself, and although he doesn't always make it and doesn't always want to go through the process, he is doing awesome and earning stickers! Gotta love this big boy stuff!

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