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Friday, February 6, 2009

Toddler Trickles

There are always a few hidden joys when dealing with toddlers and diapers (note the sarcasm!). Poor Bruiser Boy decided to inhale three handfuls of raisins a few days ago. He is now paying the price with a horrible case of diaper rash. So today before his rest, I noticed the tell-tale stench lingering behind him and knew we were in for another loud and unpleasant diaper changing experience. I successfully laid him on the changing table, removed his pants, and began to remove his onesie that caught what the diaper failed to. Well, I realized this was going to be quite the endeavor when he refused to sit on his bum while I removed his top. Okay, so I decide to remove the offending diaper first - four wipes later and he is no cleaner. I had never seem poop like this - it stuck to everything, including Bruiser! Bath time!

All went well with Bruiser sharing my shower - we both got clean and the bathroom didn't get too wet! I wrapped him in his towel and headed to his bedroom for fresh clothing. As I was bending down to dig in the drawer for something cozy for him, I hear the sound of liquid hitting the carpet and look up to see my diaper-less, un-potty-trained toddler peeing on the rug! Just as I was about to yell, I noticed his face and began to laugh. Poor Bruiser Boy had no idea what he was doing and couldn't figure out where the liquid was coming from. This of course lead to him putting his hand into the stream as he tried to figure out this anomaly - even more laughing on my part!

Needless to say, we both were ready for rest time and are in no rush to figure out this potty training business. Thank goodness it is Friday - Daddy gets diaper duty for the weekend!

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