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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Love Dare

Usually I post about our children but today I want to shift gears and share an awesome movie we saw this weekend. It really impacted our marriage - and, as we all know, without Mommy and Daddy, there would be no Tater, Bruiser, or G Baby to entertain you and make you smile!

On Friday night, we put the kids to bed and looked forward to our favorite weekend pastime - a Redbox movie! You see, with three children and no family nearby, we don't get out much! So, for a few months, I had been hearing about this new movie, Fireproof, with Kirk Cameron and a Christian message. What an powerful movie! I don't want to ruin the movie because I want to encourage you all to see it but I'll give you the basic idea. His character, a firefighter (hence the name!), is in an unhappy marriage and about to divorce. His father dares him to wait 40 days and to follow a guidebook during those 40 days. We were so impressed with what happened that we couldn't wait to get a copy of the book, The Love Dare. Now, don't worry - we aren't on the verge of divorce, but we feel this will help to make our marriage stronger, which is always a good thing (No comments, Mimi!).

So, we are on Day 4, and each day gets a bit tougher. Today we had to call each other with no hidden agenda, just to see how the other is doing and if they need anything. A bit scripted, but you get the message. Yesterday, we had to buy something for each other. I took the practical route and bought C a snow scraper for his car - something he has needed all winter. Below is the picture of what he got me - aren't I lucky?


  1. i would like to see the lovely icescraper though

  2. I saw the movie and LOVED it. We actually own a copy of the movie and the book now. So good!

  3. Praise the Lord! But, I will have to once again examine this relationship. Is it possible it could be more than simple platonomy? ha ha I made that word up and spell check said that platonomy could either be platinum (for A) or plutonium (for C)...But you know what I mean. Now about those gifts, WHO is the romantic one?