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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Birthday Rehash!

Tater turned 4 yesterday! We had a fairly quiet day and dinner with friends. She had several visitors throughout the day - Brother came to play in the morning and Dana came to drop off a gift in morning. Tater sure enjoyed being the center of attention! The phone rang non-stop but Tater was too busy to talk long - sorry to everyone!

Surprisingly, she actually napped in the afternoon and then woke up very groggy - I'll give you one guess why! She's sick! We spent this afternoon in the very germ-infested doctor's office to discover that she has a fever, a terrible cough, and extreme post-nasal drip (the doctor's words!). So, in other words, she has a cold! Now we are on fever watch - because of her kidney problems and the medicine she takes for that, a high fever means a visit to the ER. With any luck the Tylenol will work and we can spend a weekend at home resting and recuperating!

In spite of all that, we enjoyed a nice evening with our next-door neighbors last night. Their oldest, E, was also celebrating his birthday - so we made it a double celebration. Pizza, cake, and presents times 2!

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