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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are You Listening?

For the past four months or so, Bruiser Boy has been receive speech therapy through our local early intervention. It is really more like play therapy with a focus on developing his language skills. They bring toys and make him talk as they play - not easy to do with a two-year-old. Their official diagnosis is that he has weak muscle tone in his mouth and jaw. This was evident because he refused to close his mouth when forming words and he DROOLS - buckets!

So, they were here today for therapy. We have the early intervention person two times a month and once a month we get the entourage - early intervention, speech, and fine motor. A bit overwhelming for a two-year-old with some stranger anxiety! Today we all sat on the playroom/dining room floor. We played with balls, play dough, and puzzles. Tater was right in the middle too!

Unfortunately, they were a bit concerned with his progress today. He's refusing to listen and process requests, while is affecting his ability to produce the words and sounds he needs to use to communicate. In other words, he's being a man! So, we will be starting a sound therapy program where he will have to listen a specially designed CD by wearing special headphones for 1/2 hour two times a day. It's supposed to train his brain to listen better - I almost asked if there was one for husbands!

We'll see how he progresses. Most likely, we will be adding more therapy time and need to be more instructive during his daily play - just another thing to add to our already overwhelmed schedule!

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