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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Middle of the Night Visitor

All of our children are good sleepers. Bruiser takes a 4 hour nap each day and still sleeps 12 hours at night. G Baby has slept 8 hours at night from her second week home from the hospital. Even Tater is a fairly good sleeper - most of the time! You see, she requires routine to establish a good sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, we have had lots of interruptions in her routine since G Baby was born - visitors sleeping in her bed, holidays, travels, etc. So, all these disruptions have lead to disrupted sleep and frequent middle of the night visits. Monday morning she ended up in our bed at 5am - wide awake and ready to start the day (Mommy and Daddy were not so ready!). That visit prompted us to establish the rule that she could not come into our room until she hears Daddy's alarm in the morning - good thought, huh? We thought so until this morning!

Tater has an incredible memory. She can tell you details from over a year ago - it's amazing! Every night she asks whoever doesn't tuck her in to check on her later. And we swear she lays awake until she hears the door open and close again. Well, last night Daddy fell asleep on the sofa and didn't check on her. At 4am she was sitting in the hallway screaming that Daddy didn't check on her! SHE NEVER FORGETS! Not only did she know that Daddy didn't check on her, she knew she couldn't come in our room!

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