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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm joining Erika, Narci, and Andrea again this Friday!

It's been a long cold week here in New England!


Binge watching is huge favorite of mine!  The husband and I just started The Following and it's so creepy it's good!


Oh the love/hate relationship I have with this machine!  Bubba started showing signs of a cold this week and jumped right into an asthma flare.  He has severe, persistent asthma...pretty much the worst of the worst cases.  So we have a whole sick protocol and live our life praying we don't have to venture to our local children's hospital.  Luckily this time we caught it soon enough, began our home treatments and saw the doctor to start steroids.  At his follow-up today he was sounding better (although said with caution!).  We are on a 4 hour rotation and bounce between his straight inhaler, his combination inhaler and this nebulizer machine...all depending on how he's breathing.  Kind of like having a newborn but cuddling a cute, bony 9-year-old :)


Found these on Pinterest and decided to print and laminate as my kids' valentines instead of buying cheap little cards and trinkets.  Hopefully they will see more use!

And now, we are preparing for a bit of snow this weekend.  I'm happy the forecast is showing less accumulations that first thought but still dreading the cold and mess :(  
I hope you all are cozy and warm!

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