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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Goals

I'm really bad at keeping New Year's resolutions.  I read a meme over the weekend that said "What are resolutions?  Oh, they're a to-do list for the first week of January!"...and, yup, that's what they tend to be for me!  It's really rather odd...considering my goal-oriented, type-A personality...but, oh, well!

So this year I set goals that I feel will impact my overall well-being and also a few specific tasks that I want accomplish.  Then I set a few things to work towards (see how I took the pressure off me there????).  So here goes!

2016 Goals

  • Read the Bible daily 

I've been using the You Version study "As It Happened" and LOVE it!  I also chose to read The Message version.

  • Illustrate the Bible once a week

I'm trying to explore my creativity!

  • Work out 5X a week

This is a struggle!  Between migraines that I'm continuously battling and a toddler, it's tough.  I am doing a 30 day ab and bum challenge and seem to be sticking to it!

  • Read 2 books a month

I had this goal last year and I'm trying to be successful this year!

  • No phone at night

Aiming for quality time in the evenings!

  • Have 2 "no spend" months.

We are currently in the middle of this now and it's HARD!!!  I actually look forward to buying groceries!!!

  • Develop and stick to a nightly face care routine

Again, I'm just lazy!!!

2016 Tasks

  • Make Art Books

I've photographed all the kids art work through the years and now I want to make them into books.  Clearing out the clutter!

  • Paint the girls' room

This NEEDS to be done...and will help towards one of my "work towards" goals :)

  • Consign clothes and toys

This serves 2 purposes...clears out the clutter AND makes us little money back!  Win, win!

  • Purge the basement

Again, helps a "work towards" goal

2016 Work Toward...

  • Save for a down-payment on a newer, bigger house
  • Start house-hunting
  • Attend church and Sunday School weekly

And there you have it!  I'll check in every few months and let you know how it's going but don't be disappointed!  Given my track record...

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