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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wrapping Up Vacation!

As usual, vacation goes by too quickly!  I was able to stretch it out a bit by not posting last know, life happens!

On our second-to-last day Papa was able to get a half-day off work and we headed to a local amusement park where I grew up going.  It's the only free-admission park left in the United States (you can pay with tickets to ride each ride).  It has that small town feel and is in the neighborhood that my parents grew up in.  My grandparents met us there for the day and we enjoyed the afternoon!

Waiting for our first ride!

Not so sure about riding in circles!

Loving being a big girl this year...not a fear!

Papa stole my camera and was playing I actually made it onto the blog!

LOVE these faces!!!

Bruiser driving all by himself...wonder if he knows how much horsepower this car has?

Tater coming down the big slide all by herself.  She has been waiting for YEARS to do this!

There are more pictures on my phone that I'll try to upload later...for now, life continues!

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