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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Off To Papa and Mimi's!

So, we planned our entire vacation around the fact that Papa was going to take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off work and spend the days enjoying the kids.  Then life happened and changes occurred at work and Papa couldn't be away from the office.  So we found things to entertain ourselves until Papa came home each day.  I took Mimi shopping for her birthday while Daddy took the kids to the playground.  Daddy went hiking with his dad while Mimi and I took the kids to yet another farm (because that's what you do in Pennsylvania!).  Actually, this farm was a dairy/petting zoo.  We had a nice simple lunch and then went to feed the animals.

Bruiser had a nice little chat with this goat!
"Hi, goat!  You hunbrey?  Oh!"

Mimi was really sad that we didn't get ice cream.  After 4 separate trips to the bathroom with all the kids and a stinky accident in one little boy's undies...I had a headache and just wanted to get home!  Don't worry...she had ice cream after dinner!

Papa worked late and we postponed dinner each night so that he could enjoy the time with the kids.  This night we had corn-on-the-cob and Sassy helped clean up after husking the corn...slave labor!

Papa did get off for the afternoon on Friday and we took a little to come!

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