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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


...has flown by but seemed to last forever at the same time!  We are busy treasuring every last moment as we try to slow down the last few weeks before our world changes.  In just a few short weeks, Tater will start first grade and be in school all day.  Bruiser and Sassy will be going to a sitter outside of our home (first time ever for Sass!).  And Mommy will be returning to work full-time...for the first time in six years.  It's going to be a rough September, to say the least.  Because...just remember, on top of all the changes, we still have all our regular appointments and therapies and responsibilities.  JUST PURE CRAZINESS!

But, on a positive note, good things will come from all this.  As much as I loved having my children stay at home with their own things for all these years, I love that I will once again gain control over my own house...because I am a bit of a control freak!  Oh, and I'm getting a cleaning service (the bestest thing EVER!!!!!!).  And I get to have that perfect balance of Mommy and a career.  I learned one thing really well this summer...I love my kids more than anything in the world BUT I need a break from them...even if that means going off to a classroom full of 5- and 6-year-olds!  I'm not sure I was meant to be a stay-at-home mom!  And what job is better for a mom than a teacher?  Love the schedule, love that my big girl will be in the same building as me, love that I will be home to enjoy after-school time with them all.  See how I'm trying to be positive as panic is setting in?!?!

And, the new blog header photo?  LOVE those faces!  But notice Sassy's cheek?  See that big bruise?  Two days into our vacation Sassy walked behind a heavy wooden swing, finely crafted by some random Amishman, and went flying through the air.  We spent the afternoon in the ER having her face x-rayed and her head checked for injury.  And then she walked around with some lovely purple color on her cheek for the past two weeks.  NEVER a dull moment!

Now, I'm off to enjoy SUMMER!

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