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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping Them Busy!

We spent the first official day of our vacation with Daddy's family.  It was super-hot again, so we headed to the lake for some cooling off!

Uncle Jeff brought his boat and Bruiser was in LOVE!
He checked it all out and would leave it be!

Tater went for her first tube ride!

Sassy spent some quality cuddle time with her cousin.

Bruiser drove the boat...all by himself...for real!

Sassy went swimming...

and rode the tube too!

The next day we went on a short drive and visited a FREE butterfly house and working farm.  It was definitely worth it and the kids loved it. 

There was a nest of babies in the barn and the mommy bird kept flying in to feed them one at a time.

Sassy was "feeding" the Rhode Island ironic!

The highlight of Tater's vacation!

That face says it all!

After that farm visit, we headed back closer to Memaw and Pop-Pop's to meet up with the cousins and great-grandparents at yet another farm.  But this one had ice cream!

Sassy dropped her dish and fed the kittens.

Nanny and Poppy and all the great-grandchildren.

Too super-sweet!
Sassy and Nanny!

Immediately after this picture, Sassy walked behind a wooden Amish swing that Tater was swinging on.  The swing hit her and she flew through the air.  The entire right side of her face instantly bruised and swelled.  We spent the next few hours in the ER making sure there was nothing broken.  Sassy walked away with a nasty bruise (that is still there as I type!) and good head bump.  As you have come to know, there is NEVER a dull moment in the House of Sprout...whether home or away!

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