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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Checking the Progress

We ventured out this morning to check on the progress of Irene.  She was still in North Carolina but the waves were building and the surfers were in heaven.  Many roads and beaches had begun to close.  There were lots of concrete barriers, plywooded buildings, and police action.  We even drove by the Coast Guard Station in Newport and noticed a LOT of action.  Everyone was busy preparing while we stopped for lunch and headed home for naps!

Tonight we are preparing a big meal...since we don't know IF we'll have power tomorrow.  We've also been busy making plans for sleeping during the storm.  With the number of trees around our house, we are a bit hesitant to send our child to sleep upstairs.  Not sure of the answer but we are thinking! 

So, here are a few shots of a little hike we took overlooking First Beach in Middletown today.

Love this...because we climbed right on the rocks!

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