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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Touch of Nature

While we were visiting Papa and Mimi's Tater "caught" a caterpillar.  She made him a nice home in in an empty plastic pretzel container.  There were lots of leaves to munch on and a stick to climb.  We "googled" the caterpillar to make sure it could really turn into a butterfly (especially if Papa was going to let a creepy-crawly into his new house!) and discovered it should turn into a 'blue mammoth".  A day or two later...before we even headed home...the caterpillar disappeared and chrysalis appeared.  That little critter traveled the six hour drive home, spent the first day forgotten in the car, and then lived on our dining room table for the next week and a half.

Then one afternoon I heard Tater screech...the chrysalis had hatched and this is what we now had:

Yesterday we "released" the butterfly.  One of the wings is injured and it probably won't last very long but Daddy thought we should put it in the grass so it could "frolic" and enjoy it's short life!

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