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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Re-Dedicating Myself To This Blog!

You know how life takes over?  It happens to all of us and it has happened at the House of Sprout!

Days go by and I don't post.  Then I post with random pictures and updates of our crazy life...which is okay in some cases.

But I had bigger dreams for this blog.  I wanted our blog to be a record of our family as it grows and changes.  A place to keep track of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful!) happenings in our lives.  A place to track how my children are growing and how our lives change.  A place to go back to and remember those precious moments with giggles and tears.

I was just reading back over a few older posts and remembering those forgotten moments of Tater as a toddler and Bruiser and Sassy as babies.  I read some of the words I wrote to them to let them know years from now how loved they were and are!  Tears filled my eyes remembering how little and precious they were. 

Honestly, it was a reminder that I needed after a day like today.  We struggle with all the issues that surround our children and struggle with suggestions of new issues emerging.  We struggle with how others will accept our children for who they are.  We struggle to provide the best possible childhood for all three children.  But when I take a moment and look back at all those special memories, everything comes into perspective and life seems so much better than it did moments ago.

So, after all that rambling, I get to my point of this post!  I want to go back to recording those memories and moments.  I want to write posts to specific children on specific topics.  I want to record those memories that are so fleeting.

So look for more feeling and more focus on this blog.  I'm re-dedicating myself to my journaling and writing.  I'm putting forth more of an effort...starting right now!

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