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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Miss 6!

Although Tater turned 6 back in February, we had to wait until today to have 6-year-old check-up.  As much as I love her doctor, it drives me crazy that they only schedule 6 months out and that the parent has to call to schedule the annual physical.  I always forget and we are always late!  I guess there could be worse things!

So, this afternoon Tater stayed home from school, the little ones stayed with a friend, and Tater headed off to the doctor with me.  I love that she chose to wear cowboy boots to go!  What a sense of style!

Have I ever mentioned that I love 1:00 appointments?  We didn't even have time to sit down in the waiting room!  The nurse did her usual check-in things, Tater was surprisingly cooperative, and then we settled in with the Leapster to wait for the doctor.

On a side note, one needs to know that Tater does not like doctors.  At all.  She has been through a lot medically since she was just under two-years-old.  She has had lots of shots, blood work, IVs, x-rays, and poking and prodding.  Usually she screams and hides and cries and carries on.  But I think we may have turned a she drug her feet going in but that was the end of it!  She did awesome, responding to all the requests and waiting patiently while I chatted with the doctor.  The Leapster may have helped!

So here are the details of the appointment to be recorded for years to come!

Height - 45 1/4 inches (grew 3 inches; 47th percentile)
Weight - 44 pounds (gained 4 pounds; 43rd percentile)
General Health - perfect!

She grew like a giant but dropped on the growth chart for her weight gain.  There is a bit of concern that her kidney medicine is upsetting her stomach and preventing her from eating enough calories.  We'll address that with the kidney doctor next month.

There are a few educational issues that have developed since December - or at least have come to the surface (I'm beginning to think they were always there!) - that we need to explore.  So I'll be setting up a few appointments to check things out.

We left the doctor in such high spirits that we made a quick stop at the local toy store where Tater was able to pick out a few treats.  She is now the proud owner of two new horses and a mood ring!

The best moment came as we were driving home and I was listening to her growl and then check her ring to see if it turned red to show that she was angry!  Love that little brain!

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