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Sunday, April 3, 2011

And There Was a Knock At Our Door!

We were watching TV and talking to Memaw and Pop-Pop on Thursday night when there was a knock on the door.  And who was it, you ask?  Papa and Mimi came to surprise the kiddos!  (You see, Mommy and Daddy had a little bit of inside information!)  We enjoyed a long weekend of visiting and going through our normal routines.  Papa got to take both Tater and Sassy to school.  Mimi came along to pick up Bruiser from his school.  We ran some errands and did some shopping.  There was lots of yummy food (if I may say so myself!).  And after the first night of Bruiser NOT sleeping, there were a couple nights of "grand" cuddling and sweet dreams!

 Bruiser was thinking about Papa leaving and feeling a bit sad!
 Mimi and the kids
 Papa and the girls
 Papa and the kids
(Not exactly sure why Bruiser is naked...but that is how he rolls!)
 Helping Papa load the car

 Sassy's outfit of choice - two of Bruiser's shoes, a too-small winter hat, and PJs!
Bruiser, dressed, and using tools with Daddy!

Papa and Mimi are on their way home and hoping to hear news that they might sell their house today.  Tater is all cried out and cuddled on the couch watching "kid shows."  We are now heading upstairs to get dressed, start our day, and get some outside chores done. 

Just think, Papa and Mimi...only a few weeks until Easter!

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