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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Reading Week for Tater!

This week at Tater's school (and Mommy's too!), it is Reading Week.  There are lots of fun activities planned for the students and Tater is loving every minute of it!  Monday was a day to spend decorating your classroom door with your favorite book or characters.  Tater's class created an ocean and filled it with lots of Rainbow fish (picture to come!).  Then today the students wore "readable" t-shirts or t-shirts with some kind of writing on them.  Tater added in the hat when I wasn't there to catch her...because it had writing on it!

Maybe the most exciting thing about Reading Week are the visitors that come into the classroom to share their love of reading with the students.  We have parents, school administrators, other teachers and aides, politicians, and even local celebrities.  Today, Sassy and I went into Tater's room!

We chose an oldie but goodie - Harold and the Purple Crayon.  About half the children were familiar with it and all were mesmerized!  When we left, we left a blank book so they could create their own purple crayon drawings and a bag full of purple crayons.  I love being a teacher...but I love being able to be "mommy" even more!

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  1. You let Tater have shirts with words on them? I know how you feel about words on your shirts! And Sassy' hair is getting so long!