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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bruiser Moments

Last night Daddy decided to teach Bruiser (who is actively potty training) how to pee on a tree in the yard.  Yes, that would be the man I married...the man with a PhD...making brilliant parenting decisions!  Anyway, when I asked Bruiser to tell Papa and Mimi what Daddy taught him, he responded with "Daddy taught me how to pee in the yard like a squirrel!"


When I asked Bruiser to use the potty before bed last night he burst into tears - "I need to go outside to go potty, Mama!"


This morning Daddy went into Bruiser's room to wake him up and Bruiser handed him a pair of his own (Daddy's) boxers and said "Here, Daddy, these are too big."


I was in the kitchen making dinner when Bruiser came running in from the living room, making a bee-line to the bathroom.  I asked what he was doing and he said "There is an outside bug inside.  I'll get it, Mama!"  He grabbed some toilet paper, ran back to the living room and squashed the bug.

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