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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Glance Back At What Was!

Another year has passed us by!  Daddy and I are celebrating our 11th (!!!!!) anniversary today.  The other night we met with our new sitter and her family and mentioned our anniversary approaching.  They asked how long we had been married and I answered "Eleven years" and sighed...Daddy looked at the floor and nodded slowly...our friends laughed!  I guess the excitement dwindles over the years!

Daddy and I have been through a lot over the years - big moves, three children, a few losses, challenges with family and friends, various illnesses and obstacles with our little ones, and all the normal day-to-day frustrations.  Yet, even through all that, we've made amazing memories!  Those moves have taken us on such fabulous adventures (that even I have learned to enjoy!).  Those three children bring cuddles and love every moment of every day.  Those losses have taught us to treasure everyone so much more.  Every matter who it involves...brought us closer and more connected (yes, we are "so connected"!) to one another.  All the illnesses and obstacles with our little ones have taught us how to work together and lean on one another in a way that no one else can do.  And those normal day-to-day frustrations?  We still work on them day-to-day but know that they won't tear us down!

Eleven years ago  we were so innocent and naive!  There was so much for us to learn and discover...and to think we have only scratched the surface in eleven years!  Luckily, we have one another to travel together with through this eternal journey!

I am lucky to have such an understanding (most of the time!) husband, who puts up with my OCD tendencies, doesn't fuss when I rearrange our house on a daily basis, loves to treat me with unique gifts (yes, I did get a laminator for Valentine's Day last year!), supports our family so I can work less and spend more time at home with our babies, and takes such great care of our children.  His personality compliments mine!  Where I'm impulsive, he's analytical.  Where I'm creative, he's scientific.  Where I lack patience, he spends hours explaining things to anyone who will listen.  And whenever I need a hug or a helping hand (corny, huh?), he's right there.  Even though there are many moments where he frustrates me and leaves me baffled, he does ground me and connect me to our family.

So, as parents of 3 young children, we don't have any special plans for the day. 

We both worked. 

I went to lunch and shopping with a friend and three toddlers (fun, huh?). 

Tater is going to a school dance with a friend and her daughter. 

The rest of us will order take-out and enjoy a quiet night at home. 

There might be a movie or some TV on the DVR. 

There will most likely be diapers and toys and messes and nighttime cuddles. 

There won't be any fancy dresses or formal photography or elaborate gifts or endless well-wishes...and that's okay! 

Eleven years later and this is just where I want to be!

Happy anniversary, Daddy!
I love you more today than yesterday!

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