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Monday, March 28, 2011


It was a project kind of weekend around here. 

Daddy and I spent some time shopping, minus children, on Saturday and making decisions about what we need to do around our house.  We filled the van with some fun purchases and decided to let some other "wants" make way for the "needs".  One of our best purchases was a new storm door for the front door - originally $359, paid $122!  Now Daddy just needs to install it!  We also have plans for a new patio out in the backyard so we can enjoy summer family dinners outside.  But all that must wait for warmer weather...which seems to be taking its good-old-time getting here!

Then Sunday was spent installing a few new purchases and adding paint to a few things we already owned.  Anyone that knows me knows I get bored quickly and things are always changing around here!

First I repainted the little table and chairs that were passed on to us by the kids' cousins.  It had seen its fair share of wear and tear and needed some freshening up!
 Here are the spring decorations on my mantle...the hanging tiles say "SUNSHINE."  Even if it's not warm outside, at least I can make it springy inside!
 I painted this small cabinet to match the tower I had painted and that sits underneath it.  Not sure what I'll put in it but it looks fresh and new!  Now that I think about it, what a great spot for bubbles and sunglasses as the weather gets nicer (sensing a theme?)
 This large world map was added to our hallway for the kids to enjoy.  They like to look at maps and talk about traveling with Daddy.
 I brought home a pocket chart from school and added it to our kitchen for Tater.  We are working hard to help her learn her sight words...when she feels like it!  Such a stubborn child of a teacher!
 These are the new bar stools Daddy and I picked out on Saturday during our "date night."  Our old stools were heavy, swiveled, and had lots of nooks and crannies...a bad combination with 3 little children!  These have much cleaner lines and no swivel.
 This is a small but needed project...a new transition piece!  We had planned on getting a new floor in the kitchen but the odds were stacked against us and that isn't happening.  The floor did get a deep cleaning...on my hands and knees, thank you very much!...and Daddy added this piece to finish it off.  It's okay.  I can live with it...I think.  Sassy was so excited to see this addition that she said "Mama, no more my socks ouch!" - her socks kept getting stuck on the rough edge that was underneath!  I sent her to thank Daddy and she rushed right off!
 And how cool is this?!?!  It's a track for our garbage can that attaches to the cabinet door and the whole thing pulls out!  Oh, the things I get excited about!!!!
Daddy also built Sassy a play fridge to go with her kitchen set but isn't painted yet and needs some final pictures to follow!

Whew!  What a busy weekend!  Can someone tell me what happened to weekends being for sleeping in and rest????

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