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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


...we're still here...drifting along...between meltdowns and snuggles!

It seems that I hit a blogging lull every spring.  It's not that we aren't doing lots of things.  And it's not that my kids aren't being super-cute or super-funny.  It's just that I am SO busy and SO entertained by those super kids that I find it hard to find the time to sit and write and post pictures!

We are mid-home projects.  The next few weeks are bringing a new kitchen floor and a new stove...yeah!  There might be an up-coming visit from Papa and Mimi which is sure to result in lots of pictures.  Easter isn't far off and that always requires more of the obligatory photo shoots.  So there is hope for the blog!

For now, I'm off to clean up the kitchen, start some laundry, do a few other random chores, and settle down with some school work and watch a bit of TV.  The kids are already cuddled in bed with heavy eyes and I am longing to enjoy my alone time!  Maybe...just maybe!...I'll post a few snapshots of the munchkins tomorrow!

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