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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Mend? (Knock-on-Wood!!!)

Bruiser seems a bit better today.  Yesterday we headed to the doctor because I just didn't know what to do anymore!  So in I walked carrying my 4-year-old, who refused to walk because his legs were too weak, and calling for my 2-year-old to follow me.  Sassy did great!  Well, until we were sitting in the waiting room and she decided it was her turn to be held and insisted (in a VERY loud voice) that I should put Bruiser down and pick her up.  I proceeded to tell her that it was Bruiser's turn to be sick and she would have to deal with it...and then I ignored the looks from all the new mothers with only one infant...who just don't get the multiple children needing you thing!

The doctor checked Bruiser over and determined that he was good and dehydrated.  She prescribed an anti-nausea medicine and gave orders that he had to have a wet diaper before 8pm (this was at about 3:30pm) or we were to head for the ER and IV fluids.  We got the meds, sipped ginger ale and Powerade, had a blue Popsicle, watched Top Gear with Daddy and curled up in bed for a long night's sleep...after peeing in our diaper at about 6:00pm!  What a good little patient!

Bruiser spend most of today in bed.  This morning Daddy found him sitting in the fridge eating yogurt and made him mad by telling him he couldn't do that.  So Bruiser retreated to him room and slept all morning!  He came down when I got home and helped Sassy with her speech therapy.  Then both Bruiser and Sassy headed up for naps...and are still sleeping now (@5:15!).  Given this take on his day today, I'm thinking no school again tomorrow...he's just so weak and tired and not really eating much at all.  Poor sick boy!

Sassy is back to normal and full of sass!  Tater is hanging on...but sniffing away with a cold.  Daddy is stopping for some medicine to make her more comfortable.  And Mommy and Daddy?  We are just tired and exhausted and done-in.  February was a LOOOOOOOOOONG month and we've had enough.  I have high hopes for March...I really do!

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