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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yes, we are still battling sickness!  I attempted to go to work this morning, only to receive a call from my sitter 15 minutes later that Bruiser had gotten sick all over my couch.  He had gone over 36 hours since his last now we head to the doctor.  He is too weak to walk and has no appetite.  His eyes are sunken in and he has a low-grade fever.  Whatever this bug is, it is kicking his little skinny bum!

I spent yesterday CLEANING!  I did about eight loads of laundry (both regular and puke-filled!) and scrubbed every surface I could think of.  I wiped down cabinet and drawer knobs, door handles, light switches, and appliance handles.  I Lysol-sprayed EVERYTHING.  I've washed my hands raw (they are actually bleeding on my knuckles!).  We've established new anti-germ procedures - hand washing every time we come in the house and before all meals, fresh kitchen and bath towels daily, laundry daily (until this ends), and no more crowded places!  I'm SO DONE with germs! 

It is so bad that I actually spent time yesterday researching ways to make my own laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, and all-purpose cleaner.  We are going to be germ-free if its the last thing I do!!!!

So, now I must go switch the latest load of laundry, was my hands, find a way to clean the couch, wash my hands, take Bruiser to the doctor, wash my hands...

Enjoy your night!

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