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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Weekend That Went On FOREVER!!!!! (Part I)

Since when did Halloween become such an involved holiday? I mean, really! We were busy the ENTIRE weekend and I mean BUSY!

Although not really Halloween-related directly, Sassy had dance class Friday night and it was her birthday. Saturday started with Sassy's therapy group and then Tater had a Halloween party at a friend's house. We ended the day with a few errands and dinner out as we braced for the following day!

Sunday we Skyped with Papa and Mimi and then prepared for the whirlwind of events! We started with a birthday party at the local children's museum. We rarely go there because of Tater and her decreased immunities...indoor play area covered with children = GERMS!!!! But we stretched the rules for our special friend, Baby B...and everyone enjoyed themselves (and even Mommy relaxed a bit!).

Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby B!
(Sassy's birthday buddy!)
From this party, we headed to another...more on that another post!

Right now I'm heading to snuggle on the couch. After the busy weekend, I've had a equally busy start to the week and haven't sat down all day!

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