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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Basement Re-Do!

A few years ago, we spent many a winter night transforming our basement from a dismal space below the earth to a playroom. We didn't feel skilled enough to build walls and put in a ceiling but knew we needed barriers and storage. So we created "walls" made of storage shelves and enclosed with bead board. We painted the floor, added some color, and laid down a rug. All was good. It was used occasionally and was a great holding place for all the toys that didn't fit elsewhere.

And then the flood hit! We lost a lot of toys, the couch that we stored down there, all the rugs, and lots of random basement kind of things. So we emptied it, cleaned, added a new rug, and prepared to enjoy the new space with what seemed like a lot more space (minus the couch and some toys!). But as we anticipated Christmas this year and as we lived with toys surrounding us in the living room upstairs, we knew it was time to expand! We wanted the toys out of our living space and we know there are many new toys that will be arriving!

So here are results of our efforts today (when I probably should of been resting...but I can never pass up a chance to organize!):

Looking from the bottom of the steps
(Daddy's workshop area is behind the gate)
From the other side

View from the back

And looking toward the stairs
We are loving it...and so are the kids! Tater was so excited she was practically crawling out of her skin and Bruiser wanted to play inside instead of going outside with Daddy!

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