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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Little Monkeys...

...jumping on the fell off and spent the day in the ER!
That's right! Sassy decided to jump off the top step of the ladder of the girls' bunk bed this morning and earned her second trip to the ER in as many months. I had just left the room to grab a stack of clothes to put away (as we prepared for Papa and Mimi's visit) and heard a thump...and then silence...and then screaming about 30 seconds later. It took me a good 20 minutes to determine that she had no broken bones but had hit her head...hard...on the wood floor after falling about 5 feet. When she started to get lethargic, I called the doctor who ordered us to the ER. As I was brushing my teeth (it was fairly early in the day!), she vomited...and that's when I had a pretty good idea we were dealing with a concussion. So I shipped the older ones off to the neighbor's and headed to the hospital to meet Daddy. It may have been the scariest drive I ever was a struggle to keep her awake! It got even better when we walked into the ER and she vomited all over me and herself...again. Four hours, a long snuggly nap, and CT scan later, we headed home to watch her and rest. That rest ended with another round of vomit...of course, all over me! Right now she is asleep and hopefully will rest comfortably. Tomorrow? Well, I'm home from school to watch her some more and hopefully we'll see a happier girl!

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