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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shutterfly and Holiday Cheer

I love this time of year! As the holidays approach, I start making lists - gifts to give, things to decorate, people to send cards to, etc. We've already had our pictures taken for our holiday cards and I have been busy browsing Shutterfly to decide which card design works best for us. I have used Shutterfly for holiday cards, birthday invites and thank yous, calendars, photo gifts, and photo books in the past...and couldn't be more pleased! They offer so many options at such great prices...and it's all easy to navigate!

So are you ready for the card options? Well, wait just a minute...because as I was perusing the site, I found these beauties and have to share!

I love to wrap gifts and make them stand out just a bit from the rest! Shutterfly offers these fabulous personalized gift tags...and they just might have to find their way onto my packages this year!

And on to the cards!

In addition to lists, I start early thinking about our holiday card. I typically lean towards a photo card and in the past I have even crafted some of those fabulous family "letters" - just so I can brag about my little ones! Look at this alternative from Shutterfly! This is definitely in the running for the House of Sprout this year!

But then again, I might just simple and order something like this...

...and then include our blog address on the card and let everyone in on all the dirty little secrets from our house!

Shutterfly is currently offering bloggers fifty free holiday cards. Go here to check it out!

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