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Saturday, November 20, 2010

...And Then the World Fell Apart!

And that is just what happens when Mommy gets sick!

Last weekend I had this annoying scratchy throat...and then it went away.

Then Tuesday morning I lost my voice...not the best thing for a mommy of three and a teacher of 23...during parent-teacher conference week!

Tuesday night I rested.

Wednesday I taught and had 15 parent-teacher conferences.

Thursday Daddy ordered me home from work and in bed all morning while our sitter watched the kids.

Friday I went back to work...because I felt better. Then I cleaned the laundry room, took Sassy to dance class and went to see the new Harry Potter movie with Daddy...and no longer felt better.

Friday night I spent 3 hours on the bathroom floor with a sick Bruiser.

Saturday morning I took Sassy to her therapy group and most likely infected all the parents in the observation room.

And the rest of Saturday...I lived on the couch and napped.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring? (Oh, and Daddy already told me I will be resting so that I can survive the short holiday week!)

And on a side note: Because I was sick, Daddy took Tater and did our holiday shopping so we have our turkey for Thanksgiving (which we earned for free because we spend so much on groceries!)...and I got to avoid that insane place! Yeah!

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  1. Oh my...House of Sprout sounds like a house of cards:( Hope you are all feeling better...