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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Tater went to a Glamour Party today...and love it! She was so excited to get the invitation to her new school friend's birthday...and she counted the days until it arrived! She had a BLAST with the makeup and jewels and sparkles, etc. Everything was right up her alley...or red carpet!



We may need to work on her technique a bit!

The "Princess" hairstyle!

Walking the read carpet!

The Glamour Girls!

Cake time!

Side Note: Tater got more quiet as the party went on and even more so as the night went on...we are a bit concerned she might be coming down with something. She has a few spots of eczema that she has scratched open and are looking like they might be starting to get infected...we're calling the doctor in the morning. So say a little prayer that she gets her smile and her spunk back soon!

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    I love the braids in her hair! I have 3 girls and can't do that still. Awesome party and hope she's feeling okay!