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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fall Scarf Exchange 2015

So when Liz and Courtney and Whitney announced a fall scarf exchange, I couldn't sign up quick enough! The concept was simple.  Buy a scarf and send it to whomever you were matched with.  Every person would send one scarf and every person would receive one scarf.

I was paired with Desiree over at Macke Monologues...who interestingly was my partner for the Fall Blog Exchange we participated in a few weeks ago!  It was such fun getting to know her and her sweet little family!  I find it so much fun to chat with all these moms all over the country.  I love that Desiree is enjoying the ocean on the west coast while I'm watching the waves here on the east coast!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my scarf!  Red is my favorite color and this scarf is light and flowy...perfect for someone who always seems to be!

This scarf is from The Gap and I love the quality.  I have to admit that most of my scarves are clearance finds and bargains so I've never really looked at Gap and I am thrilled with this addition!

So that being said, I have to admit I dropped the ball and have no pictures of me wearing the scarf...although I'm sure you will see in frequent rotation through the chillier months we are approaching!  I spent the past week in and out of the hospital with my son, who has severe, persistent asthma and developed pneumonia.  It was a long and exhausting week where I survived in the most comfortable clothes possible, since I was living in the same clothes for days :).  But more on that all in another post!

And, while Desiree was busy spoiling me, I had the chance to send a treat to Mande Klein over at Klein Dot Co.  We enjoyed getting to know each other...and were surprised to discover we were elementary school teachers and our husbands both have PhDs!  So fun!


  1. Gap and Old Navy are my go to stores for scarves! This one is a beauty. Im so sorry to hear about your son, sending well- wishes your way.

  2. Hey, I'm right there with you, I didn't take any pictures of myself wearing it either. I gotta remember to do that but I'm a terrible selfie taker. Ha!

  3. I love the summer scarf style and this one is too cute!! It's one I would get a lot of wear out of for sure. Sorry to hear about your boy! Sending lots of love and other good energy his way! I'll keep him in my prayers for sure! xx

  4. Gap is my spending kryptonite. For sure.

    So sorry to hear about your son!!

  5. Such a gorgeous scarf!!! Honestly I always forget about looking at the Gap for a scarf, but after seeing this one, I may need to check it out! Thanks for participating in our scarf exchange!
    So sorry to hear about your son. I hope he gets well soon!

  6. i hope your son is doing better! that scarf is beautiful. i usually buy clearance scarves too. this makes me think i need to look at the gap.