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Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween on a Saturday??  Perfection!

We were lucky to have Papa with us for the weekend to celebrate Sassy's birthday and the spookiest of holidays.  We missed Mimi big time but were happy we were together missing her.

Saturday we went to a local church for a Trunk or Treat.  The kids loved wearing their costumes and it was a cute, low-key experience.

a vampire, Elsa, and Malificent

and a little owl joined in!

That night we joined the neighborhood crew to stroll the neighborhood and a few streets beyond.  Bruiser was thrilled to have his friend join us, as was Tater.  Bubba and Sassy's friend, E, were both dressed as owls!

The group picture is a must each year...I'll have to post a comparison to show how they've grown!
Bubba made it halfway around our block before he settled in the wagon and searched his bucket for candy he could open!

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