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Friday, November 6, 2015

Oh Friday!

I'm linking up today with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites!

It's been a long, rough week!
Bruiser woke up Sunday with a major asthma attack...3 ER visits and 3 days later, he was admitted to the hospital overnight.  His official diagnosis was sever, persistent asthma exasperated by right middle lobe pneumonia.  Yeah.  He is on a slew of meds, still sounds terrible and feels yucky, and is spending yet another home on the couch.  Definitely not one of my favorites!!!

But this basket of medicine...and the availability we have to access and work to make our boy better?  Definitely a favorite!

And this little one tagging along to all the appointments and entertaining us all?  Another favorite!

Twining with my ten-year-old?  
Doing it while she still thinks it's cool and making it a favorite!

Another favorite is pulling out toys that the little one has never seen and watching his excitement!
A not favorite is the screaming that this brought with it at 6am!!!!

I added our Thankful Tree to our fall decorations yesterday.  
Adding our favorite moments and things to it is a big favorite of mine!

And this turkey platter brings back a favorite memory...
I was jokingly gifted a colorful (not so attractive!) version of this when I was first married by my mom.  She claimed that her mother loved it and I couldn't get rid of it.  Well, that platter got passed around the family and provided a great deal of entertainment!  I added this version to our family a few years ago and love it!


  1. Just stopping in from the LinkUP! Those boots!!! I LOVE them!! Where are they from?

    1. They are Uggs! I bought mine full-price (gulp!) but I got my daughter's off Ebay in perfect condition for about $30!!!