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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Blog Exchange

Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone is have a happy, healthy mid-week day.  I just sent all the big kids back to school after being overwhelmed with a random fever virus.  It was a loooooooong day with a doctor appointment times 4...might explain the migraine I have been battling today!

I recently participated in a fun, Fall blogger swap hosted by my blogger friend Johannah and two other lovely ladies, Desiree and Bri!

I was so lucky to be paired up with Desiree over at Macke was so much fun getting to know her and showering her with some goodies as the seasons change and then getting surprises in return!

                                Loved getting a package with lots of little gifts inside!

Unwrapping was a blast...a sweet note pad, yummy chocolates, and a fabulous Starbucks' gift card that might have just been my favorite!

These yummy candle melts are 2 of my favorite scents...pumpkin and vanilla!

And this warm red nailpolish...gave myself a pedicure the very same day it arrived!  Perfect for my toes in the fall!

And she was so sweet to include a gift for my kiddos...they loved these pops and they kept them quiet during our pumpkin carving!  Priceless because anything done with 4 kids contains a bit of craziness!

And this little face says just how much they enjoyed their treat!

And I enjoyed getting to know a new internet friend!

Now...back to cleaning and cooking!  Tomorrow is Sassy's birthday, Papa is coming for the weekend, and we all know what Saturday is!  


  1. Thanks for joining in on this swap! Desiree got you some awesome goodies!! Lindor chocolates are my absolute fav, and I love the red polish!! =)

  2. It was so great getting to know you!!
    I hope you enjoy a little "me" time with a cup of coffee. :) And, so glad the kids enjoyed the suckers. Those are a fan favorite in our house, too!

    Thanks so much for participating in the swap!