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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walking for Tater (and her kidneys!)

It's been almost four years. Four years since Tater puffed up like a balloon. Four years since we thought she was allergic to our first live Christmas tree. Four years since we got the scary diagnosis on New Year's Eve. Four years since Bruiser was born and we tackled the unknown world of Tater and Nephrotic Syndrome. Four years of daily medicine. Four years of unknown illnesses. Four years of stress and worry and fear and frustration.

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

  • NS occurs when there is a malfunction in the kidney's filtering system causing valuable protein in the blood to leak into the urine. The leakage causes fluid to accumulate in the body and prolonged leakage has shown to cause kidney damage.

  • About 5 out of 100,000 children are diagnosed each year. About 15 out of 100,000 are living with it today.

  • 90% of patients will respond to treatment but 75% will relapse.

  • NS can occur at any age but is most common between the ages of 1 1/2 and 5 years.

Taken from NephCure.

We've learned a lot. She's basically stabilized. She only relapses a few times a year...and we are able to quickly reverse it. She's had a few scary illnesses...and we all survived. She takes her medicine like a champ!

Unfortunately, there is little known about NS in children. Her specific type is referred to as "minimal change" which translate to a good prognosis...and hopeful cure as she matures. Notice I said "hopeful"...there is such a need for more research so we can learn more about this!

On October 17th, all five of us will be walking to raise money to support research and to help children like Tater. It makes us feel so good to help Tater, help others just like her, and give our friends and family a meaningful cause to help (hint...check the widget on the side!).

Stay tuned for updates and photos...and of course the classic House of Sprout stories that will occur without a doubt!

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