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Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Fun, Food, Fantasy!"

The highlight of the trip to Papa and Mimi's (other than seeing Papa!) was our trip to Knoebles. I grew up going to this did my parents!...and my kids love going too. It's the largest free admission amusement park in the country. You use paper tickets to pay for the rides, which the kids really enjoyed! It was a hot day but there was plenty of shade and enjoying the kids' excitement overran the heat.

Sassy loved being like the big kids!

Love this of Bruiser!


Don't know who the boy in the front is but he shared well with our two!

Tater was so excited to pick this pink ostrich!

Watch out! Sassy has a weapon!

I think this was the highlight of Bruiser's day!
He got to operate a "real" dig truck and really dig dirt!

Papa thinks we should put one in our backyard!

Love that you can't even see the boy's head over the steering wheel!

One tired, dirty, happy girl!

Can't miss the merry-go-round!
We had a great day. The neat thing is that my grandparents live within miles of the park so we stopped by for a visit before going to the park and headed back there to bathe the kids after we were done. The thought was that everyone would be sound asleep by the time we got home to Papa's house...Bruiser had different plans and stayed awake the entire time! Oh, well!
Thanks for a great day, Papa and Mimi!

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