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Monday, September 6, 2010

One Last Summer Day!

Our friends invited us to head down to the beach for the evening yesterday...and, of course, we agreed! A few other families joined us and it ended up being four families with eleven kids between us...and it was a blast!

It was about an hour drive and then a little bit of figuring to make sure we were at the right place...and then you stepped off the boardwalk and saw this:

I decided I didn't want to leave! It was amazing and beautiful and the perfect end to a wonderful summer!
Boys and trucks = heaven!

(Love this one!)

Handsome boy!

Most of the kids (and a grown-up kid!) on the lifeguard stand.

I even made into the shots this time!

(love this one too!)

The kids played so nicely together that the adults even got to sit and relax for a bit...what more could we ask for!

Count them!
We got all 11 to sit for a picture!
There was lots of sand playing, some wave riding, a bit of surfing, yummy food and drinks...and an amazingly relaxing day to mark the perfect end of the summer!
Thanks to Cheryl Adams for the AMAZING photography! So glad I forgot my camera!

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