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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays with the Sprouts!

On Sunday we did a repeat of Christmas ... but this time with the Sprout side of the family. Tater and Bruiser had fun visiting with their cousins and Miss Wiggles just loved giggling at everyone! By this time around, all the children got the present thing and the whole process went a bit quicker!
Bruiser got a Thomas t-shirt and Thomas big boy underwear - he was not impressed!

Tater got princess hot chocolate mix that turns pink, blue, and purple...a huge hit!

Look at Tater watching so patiently!

Bruiser couldn't wait for Miss Wiggles to finish and helped her out a bit!

Cars sheets!

Fancy Nancy!

Imaginex Firehouse!

Two fancy girls!

Miss Wiggles checking out the loot!

Do you think he likes it?

Miss Wiggles in the hat!

Love the cookie face!

Begging for more cookies!

The Martin clan plus Bruiser!

Tater with Zhu Zhu pet #2 - and this one is pink and white! The story goes that my fil ran to the front of ToyR'Us to get it - video would have been good!

Miss Wiggles is still confused - she thinks she belongs in the doll bed!


Bundled up for a bit of energy burning! It was chilly but those kids needed to RUN!!!

Everyone came along!



Uncle Nailbag is so tough he didn't need a coat!

The rules at the park made us giggle! Good thing we left our bow and arrows at home and didn't need to wash our cars!

Wiggles and Bundles!

Nanny and Aunt Kiki

Pop-Pop looks cold...

Cousin M

Wiggles...doesn't she look lost?


...and this is why he looks cold! Shorts in December?

Mama and Miss Wiggles!

Tater spent her Christmas money the day she got it on this doll house! She loves it and worked really hard to figure out how she could bring it home on the plane with her in two weeks - needless to say, it came home in the van with Mama and Daddy and the little ones! It will be waiting here for her when she gets back!
It was another great and busy day with our family! There was lots of yummy food, delicious snacks, a bit of Wii playing, and lots of giggles and wiggles! Thanks to everyone for all the thoughtful gifts and wishes!

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